Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


We have a public holiday today, in remembrance of our solders, while it was mostly about those who died for our freedoms, it's also a way for us to pay respect to those who are still alive and even those who are currently serving in the military.
This morning while mostly fine, we got a slight drizzle of rain that most thought was fitting the occasion (not really a train wreck when you have synthetic hair)

After the dawn service, many head to McDonald as it's the only coffee and food provider open at this time of the morning. I found a corner table away from the crowds - well, only about 80 people here wanting a morning coffee and or breakfast but that's 72 people more than normal for this shop at 6.30 am

As for me, after my morning coffee, wife wants me to start painting the fence - wonder if it's going to rain some more.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Business-ish trip (aka 2 days of girl time)

The chance of a trip away is like winning Lotto, extending it to include a weekend is like Lotto "Power Ball"
Just wish I had a decent camera

My trip was to the top of the South Island - absolutely stunning mountain ranges, fjords, cafes and pubs.
For me, getting there was half the fun and my wife allowed me to dress pretty and even dropped me at the airport on her way to work.


First stop, the stunning town of Picton in the Queen Charlotte sounds, where our Inter Island ferry stops. I found a bar that served my favorite food - Date pudding


I visited the town of Nelson.
I used to visit here often as a teenager (they had a girls boarding school back then, made the trip worth while).
Today was just a coffee stop at McDonalds - as usual, followed by a visit to the cathedral where 4 priests were being ordained. I really just wanted photos of the architecture but stayed for the ceremony.


Of course I had to try on a pair of boots like my daughter thought would look nice, then another and another.

35 minutes later and still not finding anything I like I decided to leave the shop and head to Founders Museum.

Found some stunning old style corsets that they make and sell on site, what type of cross dresser doesn't fancy a lovely, tight corset?

 I had to play at the old dentist shop

And like all good museum - there's a train ride (sorry, not steam, but an early diesel)

Latter that evening, I got dressed for a lovely dinner in Blenheim ( the wine capital of New Zealand)  "The Good Home" bar and restaurant where I had a fantastic Yorkshire pudding, a traditional English main course.

The next morning, I was saddened when I had to say goodbye to the fabulous couple I was staying with but not before having a fun shopping trip and a relaxing coffee with them.
They have a lovely home and a fantastic garden and made me feel like one of the family.
Every evening and mornings we chatted, all the while with me wearing my floral pyjama pants, bra and top.


I've a hundred more photos of the trip, these are a few of the better ones.

Just a fantastic trip and I wish you were here to share it (and some of the wine tasting) with me.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Taking Hormone boosters and what's with PVC body suits

Okay, not what you think, but herbs and minerals to increase my testosterone.
1) it's to help my body to recover after a workout
2) it's meant to be good for bedroom activities
I'm getting a bit older now, so time for me to make up hormone wise for stuff my body isn't producing too much of.

Doesn't stop me form going out for coffee when I have a spare hour (home at 4 pm, dressed, out for coffee and back home in boy mode by 5.15).

McDonald's is quite busy around 4.30 pm, but surprised it was mostly middle aged, some with kids.

SO,  can a PVC body suit be worn in public?
I would have like to say yes to night clubs etc, but I'm not a night time girl, but how about early morning (6 am) to all night food venues?
I still think yes.....

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Got a twitter account

I was informed someone was splashing around a 2015 photo of me in a swim suit as her campaign against men who identify as females using the women's changing room.
Saw the photo, read her reasoning and I didn't really care, but surprised by such a group of anti-trans women (TERF) and the hate that fills their lives.
TERF women are obviously ULTRA-ATHEIST as for them body and personality are genetic and can't be separated. For me, I believe in God and I believe our souls reside in our body as a temporary leaning environment (our souls and body are not the same). 

I last spoke about drilling holes for my fence posts and damaging the muscles in my arms, well 2 weeks later and it's still the same. Just crunching up paper into a ball, hurts - but the fence building continues.
A quick outing this morning, just to re-balance myself, nothing special, coffee and trying on some outfits at K Mart then had a fun discussion with a checkout operator at the supermarket while picking up cat food. She asked if I was heading home or heading out, so I told her "home" as wife likes me making her coffee before she gets out of bed (9.30 this lazy Sunday) and I have a fence to build.
Blue jeggings, wife's top, foundation, mascara, lipstick (6 minutes) and I'm out the door and heading to Funville - I'm getting old and time is too precious to take any longer to get ready.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Still no luck with plumbing

I can't find anyone to do the work for less than 3 days wages per hour.
Normally I charge out 3 x my wages , 1/3 wages, 1/3 vehicle & 1/3 head office costs.
While my apprenticeship was longer than a plumber, and I did have to go into combat conditions, I still wouldn't mind if they charged out at a bit more then me, but less than a day wages per hour would be nice.

Anyway, last weekend I was replacing my fence, using a 1 man hole drill and busted up my arms and the ground was full of concrete which kept jamming the drill bit.
A week later and my muscles still feel like they have been ripped off the bone, so don't ask me to lift anything heaver than a coffee

So I did...

Another hot day and at 10.30, McDonalds was so full, it was almost a race to get to an empty table.
After my coffee, I visited my girlfriend, had another coffee, it's really cool chatting to very intelligent people, such a quick visit and you feel so much more knowledgeable.

But atlas.... the real world calls and I have to go car hunting for a new car for my daughter.