Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, May 21, 2017

So happy

Okay, so I still walk the dog, it's good exercise for me anyway and an excuse to show my sporty fashion around the neighbourhood and chat to anyone on our walk.

I know this blog is meant to be about cross dressing - wow, super / kinky whatever,
but some of us cross dressers have normal lives - well nearly normal, with a bit extra.

So update on daughters car while she has been at Uni.
1) I resprayed the bonnet & boot to nearly show room condition last month.
2) removed the 6 CD radio and installed a 40w blue tooth/SD/radio system (for about $15 USD)
3) This week I've added keyless entry ($6 USD). the instructions were almost as bad as not having any, but a quick google search and I've found a wiring diagram nearly compatible with the VW - only blew up 3 car fuses in the installation, works perfectly on the 4th attempt (total time approx 7 hours).

Now the wifes car - 2007 Nissan Tiida (or Versa in some countries), we've discovered a water theme park behind the drivers seat after recent rains.

Anyway that's another project, but first it's time to relax with a good coffee and my book.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday shopping and .....

Wife carries a colourful one piece swimsuit to the counter of Farmers Department store so that no one suspects the swimsuit is for me, even thought I still have to pay for it. I tried it on at home but decided I don't like how narrow the chest section is.
It's really hard finding a pretty yet sporty one piece like Speedo at a reasonable price.

In my more manly world, I've fixed the roof on the convertible and afterwards the leaks in the neighbours car, and my mascara was fine the whole day while Chris and I worked on his car.
A note to you other girls, be careful of fast spinning wire wheels on grinding machines, they hurt quickly and for a long time. Off to rummage through the first aid kit now, hope you had a great weekend.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Getting into a routine

Life seems to be rolling into a routine
Routines are good for paying mortgage etc, but shouldn't be everything else in your life
The only oddity this week was a Saturday trip to Matakana to pick up a glass shower screen for the bath we don't yet have in the bathroom I haven't yet built. Still was a good excuse to go for a small road trip and have a lunch out with my wife.

Routines - such as walking the dog,

 Having tea and reading on the porch, that 4 good neighbours can easily see from their lounge rooms

Morning coffee at McDonalds then getting home to make breakfast in bed for my wife.
I don't often wear stockings, but the mornings are getting a bit colder now.
The down side of a lace bra - no room for breast forms so it's a 16A cup for me this morning


Funny observation, I was having special cuddles with wife after breakfast, and watching my painted fingernails on her was almost like watching another woman's hand touching her - kinda cool.

Tried to find some special pointing cement as I want to re-cap my roof, after which I will paint the roof and replace the gutters, probably a 6 month project. Didn't find any pointing cement so instead spent the afternoon cleaning up my daughters car to almost show room condition and helping wife in the garden (relocating shrubs and 2 trees).

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Slow week

Unfortunately with Miss 18's university bill, and still working on the vets bill, means it's a slow and un-eventful week.
Having said that, the main excitement is that I've removed the state-of-art (1996 version) radio with the 6 cd boot changer from my daughter car and re-loomed the wiring for the new Bluetooth, SD, USB radio that is under $100 and the cool part when it arrives tomorrow, is that it will also pick up New Zealand radio frequencies (something the European Clarion system didn't do).
I've also put another gloss coat on her car bonnet then did a nice sand and cut the next day, before it became too hard, looks like show room quality now.

The girlish side of my life,
I really couldn't be bothered with wigs or make up, but still...
Walked the dog, said "hi" to a few other dog walkers.

Visited the vets to make a payment on the dogs bill, had a fun chat to the staff as she had her days confused after Tuesdays ANZAC public holiday.

Going out, without wigs or make up, means we feel like we're "safe", we live in a good environment and I suppose that's just how I've been feeling lately.

Thank god for weekends, finally managed to get fully dressed (after getting a bit nutty about not enough girl time), "borrowed miss 19's hand bag and got out for a relaxing breakfast.

After breakfast, I got back home to find my wife still asleep (9 am), so I made her a coffee and peanut butter on toast, then laid next to her. 
When she woke she saw me with my make up on and frizzy hair and laughed as I reminded her of the Mad Hatter as we watched "Alice through the looking glass" last night. I laughed and reminded her I'm not mad, just a smidgen crazy.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Family is back for Easter holidays

Miss 18 is back from University for 10 days.
She brought her 1300 page Chemistry book and I've been having a browse through it - quite interesting and got me thinking about "gravity waves" AGAIN.
Of course, I think the scientists saw a gravity tsunami ("I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of QUARKS suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened." in a Galaxy far far away). Waves from my guitar strings or from "the pebble in the lake" tend to oscillate, and as Einstein speculated as too small to detect, hence the need for a tsunami.

Mind you, Flat Earth came up as a topic and,.. well not one to dismiss stuff instantly, but a quick review of how a full moon works, soon put Miss 14 mind at ease and logic won the discussion.

On the lighter side, 
Good Friday when all the shops were shut, my kettle died so Saturday I had to buy another (good excuse for coffee and buying more cat food as that had also run out on Friday)

I had a practice run at trying to look a bit naughty the night before. Even used eyeliner under my eyes to make me darker and more mysterious, Even put on fish net stockings.

    But this is NOT who I am.
Sunday and yet another relaxing day, but as my wife was convinced I still had eyeliner on, hours after scrubbing my face raw on Saturday, I decided to go out make up free.
I did feel very naked and vulnerable but old enough now not to care, even daughter said I shouldn't worry about wearing a wig - hell no, I look old enough with the wig, without I'd look ancient.

Monday - and decided to be a bit more outrageous when going for coffee

Still not liking fish nets and the outfit isn't fooling anyone
So after a coffee and reading the paper, I offered the newpaper to another couple, the 50ish female said "Good on ya mate", I smiled, handed over the newspaper and left.

I sat at the beach for an hour as the sun came up and got changed for my 9.30 brunch with my girlfriend at Columbus Coffee


Brunch took an hour, a very relaxing time before we headed off for a beach walk, watched a few boaties mooring their yachts while other walkers also enjoyed the sunny rays. We chatted about the usual girl stuff and before we knew it, it was time to go back to our normal lives and our great wives.

At home now with the trouble making girls - Only one day in and I'm wish the school holidays would end - no not really, I do love them, especially when their not trying to annoy each other.