Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Wife got a replacement car

So January 1st, Miss 17 wrote off the family Mazda Demio (our city runner).
Thursday we managed to find a replacement, a 2007 Nissan Tiida.

It's new to this country and I'm doing quite well at decoding the Japanese Radio/tv/2 camera/DVD & 30 Gb hard drive audio system. I manager to put a FM Band Expander on, although with 3 coax cables my first attempt I spliced into one of the car cameras, but second attempt got the aerial and all is good.

If anyone can help with changing the time on this Sanyo NVA-HD7707, I would appreciate an email, also cool if you had any ideas on how to add & delete music and movies from the hard drive.
Today I had to remove the front grill and swap the wires on the horn, as someone had the 12 connected to the ground and fuse was blown - but all good now.

So I took the wife's car for a wee drive.
First I went to the Auckland Maritime Museum, only to find the local parking was $12 minimum (only had to leave before 6am the next morning, but I was only planning on being an hour, 2 max), so I ended up just relaxing at a local coffee shop with free parking.
Besides, while it's overcast, being inside an air conditioned mall is much nicer than sweating into ones wig. With the wife's city car, I did notice that getting changed in it was more difficult than in my 8 seater wagon, but since it only used 1/2 the petrol I will learn to live with it :)

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Family trip to Wellington

Well as you guessed, it's a family trip so I couldn't take my girl clothes, wig or make up, but I did sneak in a green top.
Wasn't to bad as wife brought her clothes and lent me one of her bras and skirts for my morning coffee

It was a great trip of 1,900 Kms there and back.

Youngest daughter got to see Weta Studios and some of her favorite movie props (Narnia & LOTR), did the cable car thing that all visitors do and shopping for clothes.

Eventually we ended up in Masterton and enjoyed sampling a few vineyards, luckily I was on the 4 person bike next to me in the old racing car in the video - in the non-driving seat after too many wines.


It was far to long and "manly" trip for me so went a bit OCD with with slutty girl time for this mornings wake up coffee after only 5 hours sleep. I'll probably change back in to normal girls day wear and hit the local shops once they open.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Post Christmas

With the effort of making my body hairless and having my eyebrows waxed in to a more womanly shape, I'm trying to make the most of it before I revert back in to a Wookiee.

29th December was just a quick morning coffee and read the newspaper before heading home to make wife breakfast in bed.
As it was a quick morning outing, I again just could not be bothered with make up, especially as my Thin Lizzy concealer costs $41 for a small tube

30 December, I woke at 3.30 am and I had the great idea of putting on some slutty clothes that I would have warn night clubbing if they had night clubs for the sexy over 45s. Instead I cuddled my wife and fell asleep until 6 am at which time I went to the pools to do more exercise.

Now you might think it's weird a person with a mans body would slip on a tight one piece swim suit and breast forms and swim 500 meters, but what was really wrong, was the MAN who was having a shave in the public steam room - like that's just yuk.

After wards (7 am) - and no I don't take make up to the pools, red faced from my work out, I went for a morning coffee. This coffee shop is approximately 10 minutes walk from home, so it's the closest cross dressing I've done, please don't tell my wife. I wanted to wear something that was different and matched the fact that today, for once - we have sun shine, like it should be in summer.
Only once I got home, I realized, the only change from yesterday was a tight white tee shirt.

31 December, this time I wore a blue top and grey skirt to my morning coffee at about 7.30 am and found a police cordon around the building. So with all the tape and broken glass inside the shop and the fact other coffee shops in the area don't open for another 90 minutes - I went back to bed for more cuddles.

1 January 2017 - super epic fail.
Thanks to my daughters loan of her dark metallic eye shadow, I've nearly perfected my night time party look. I woke up at 2 am, put on my party face and sluttiest outfit I own (lace top and slinky mini skirt). Again heading to the 24 hour coffee shop, found it crowded with mums & dads driving their drunk teens home. I lost confidence as even the party girls showing half their bums were less slutty looking than me. So back home and in bed by 3 am but....

Never being one to quit, I re-did my make up at 5 am, got dressed again and then........

the taxis arrived and unloaded 6 drunks across the road. I figured, okay they will soon be asleep but after I waited an hour while they chatted & shouted from their front deck, I decided to remove my make up and go back to bed. After I finished in the bathroom, the street was quiet - the buggers had finally gone to bed and I had removed all my make up.

Told my wife - she thought it was funny and said "well maybe Rachel isn't meant to go out after midnight"  :)

I'm heading to Wellington with the family and without girl clothes tomorrow, in my wife's silver Mazda Demio but today Miss 17 has mums car approximately 2 hours down the line. The car has made it in to our first official photo for 2017.

I think I'll take my car thanks love, no hurry to bring mums car back now.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ahh, holidays

Holidays are great, they are a time with family and friends
and a time when we can be ourselves.

Today started at 3 am, with Miss 19 and 4 friends waking up around the house. Miss 19 needed to be at the airport 2 hours later for a flight to Wellington, while her 4 friends drove down (1 hour flight verses an 8 hour drive). They all meet up with the rest of the gang later in the day to start the New Years party which should end in 4 nights time.

Miss 19 also left me, her recommended selection of her expensive make up to use while she is away.
I have such great kids or should I say young adults?

At 5.30 am I went for my first swim in ages due to my shoulder injury. After this mornings 500 meter swim it would appear that it's only the backstroke technique that aggravates my injury.

If I can get back up to 1,500 meters I should be able to lose this Christmas Pudding weight that I've gained these last few weeks.
Wife saw the photos of me at the pools and asked who else saw me, I told her there was 5 elderly Asians and I didn't get their names so can't really answer her. She did see the humour in my answer.

At about 9.30 am, Miss 18 borrowed our family car to go on a 2 day holiday a couple of hours away up north. As her group all have restricted drivers license, they all have to take a separate car. To my way of thinking that's 4 girls with under 18 months driving experience, who will be on the road as opposed to 1 driver with limited experience with 3 friends. Apparently there is some statistic that says 4 young drivers in 4 cars is safer than 4 young adults in 1 car - it's all about limiting driver distractions.

10 am and I've picked up my girlfriend Josie for a lovely morning coffee and beach walk. It's absolutely amazing how quickly and fun a few hours in girl mode can be, chatting out our required 3,000 words, that blokes can't handle. In my normal male mode, 3,000 words is a week or 2 worth yet so natural in a few hours of girl time.

Wife and I are off to Wellington in a few days to join my kids "after New Years" party and check out the area. So except for at home, I will be in boy mode for the next 2 weeks.

I hope you have a great New Year, be safe and I'll write to you next year.

Rachel xxx

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

I hope your having a great Christmas with the ones you love

It's Christmas day, if you classify 6.30 am as part of your day.
I've been up for an hour as per my normal "work mode" body clock, and having so many girls means I'm the only one up for the next few hours
This week has been a bit of a breakout week.
I mean sure I've had girl time out briefly for a girl coffee, but if you remember last post I mentioned I couldn't really be bothered with my wig, well the last few days, I've not bothered.
Unfortunately the photos look like a balding man who wants to be a female.
Sometimes life sucks as I remember back to having long hair in my youth, but the main point of life is to have fun, which I always do, regardless of which personality is in charge.

Warning Photo of old man who doesn't like being old  :)

Relaxing by the beach and coffee at Hollywood Bakery at a busy shopping mall 2 days before Christmas

At local coffee shop where the staff know me very well in both boy mode and girl mode.

At the movies watching "Rogue One" in a white tee, skin jeans and my favorite black and gold flats, no bra as I'm endeavouring to be more gender neutral.

BTW - I'm not a fan of Rogue One, to big on computerized shots, to small on script and acting.

My Boxing Day outing, both with my wig and without (to show how scary I look without the wig) The staff at McDonalds where I had my coffee were very nice and used the correct gender when addressing me.

Boxing day also saw me getting my eyebrows waxed, threaded and shaped more feminine - I love the difference.