Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Building work in progress

I normally walk the dog in the evening, but due to time off to meet contractors, I've managed a few day time walks.

Saturday morning I made it to the gym. I would normally train for muscle build but recently found out I needed running speed, so the treadmill has become my best friend.

Went to the supermarket straight after for a jar of coffee, milk and some lunch stuff (we normally pop in daily as it's only 2 minutes by car or 10 minutes on foot). Checkout girl was chatting to me about workouts, the fun and the horrible bits.

Saturday after 10, was all about the build - ie. me running around with the biggest hand held (18 inch) concrete cutter, doing 150 mm cuts all around the house for 4 hours. Talk about workouts and muscle building -wife thought it fun but she forgot to take photos for you.

SUNDAY, the day of rest???
I got dressed real pretty in my new white blouse and a black skirt, took Miss 20 to a course she has to do for work, but took her through McDonalds drive through for her breakfast. After dropping her off I went back to the same McDonalds for a nice relaxing breakfast.
I had decided on a dark lipstick as I was over the lighter and pinker colour that is my normal, the girl serving complimented me on the colour choice which made me feel really good. What girl doesn't like compliments  :)
After about 40 minutes, I got bored and decided to get back to the renovations.
I'm not sure how or when, but just as I was leaving I noticed 2 large coffee marks on my brand new - never worn before, blouse. I raced into the ladies and luckily it cleaned up as good as new.

While removing an external door, my hammer struck the concrete floor slab, which fractured and got me in the eye (which in turn ruined my mascara).
Rest of the day I've been working with one eye shut and got a heck of a headache. So now I think I'll wear my safety glasses even when using boring hand tools.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Been a fun week

First of all Sunday, I tried (and failed) to be a bit sexy, for an admirer who likes tight outfits while I was out for my morning coffee and a walk around Mission Bay and it's fountain.
Normally I would have bare legs, wife likes hairy as she says they look more meaty although I think a leg wax is on my Christmas list as well as a drone for my video hobby

Funny thing, 2 large groups of cyclists went by, the guys first, sleek and swift, then the ladies who I heard 2 miles away with their loud chatting.
Anyway, while out, I remembered my cat needs cat food - well the gravy part anyway while the meat goes to waste, daughter wanted Coke and we were low on milk.

Tuesday and I have serious man flu.
Probably had 3 hours sleep during the night in a spare room so as not to wake the wife with my sneezing and coughing. While I had trouble concentrating on driving, I did make it to the shops mid morning for cold drugs and 2 new tops before heading home for some more sleep.

Hope you like my Paris top, my wife bought it as a souvenir in Paris a few years ago and I think it's probably the first time I've worn it in public.

I wish I had got food while I was out, as I found out Miss 19 ate my dinner that I was to ill to eat yesterday, while I was out.
I was looking forward to yesterdays left overs, it was a great dish.
I was too tired to go out again although it would have been an excuse to dress up again, I raided the cupboards and only had enough food for one of my favorite dishes - cheese soup (with baked beans for added protein).
Bread, cheese & tomato (tomato flavoured spaghetti or baked beans) would normally equal PIZZA, but this is an old dish that came around with food shortages during the war in England and France.

Anyway - 
Need more sleep again, really need rid of this man flu ASAP, hopefully chat to you again soon.


Once I got home, I ended up getting changed into my garden clothes and dug a trench for optic fibre. It included putting a cut through my concrete pat, so I ended up covered in concrete dust.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Got really scratchy

Yesterday, after quite a while without girl time but...
I did "under dress" most of the day with a pretty bra and thin t-shirt to try to subdue my inner girl, had coffee out at a local shopping mall - it felt very nice and natural

I even attended an accident where a passenger who doesn't like wearing a seat belt, attempted to break the windscreen with her head, she managed only to destroy the inside layer of glass and made the interior a nice red colour.

It did remind me to donate blood, so if anyone is keeping tally - that's 2 good deeds in one day.

Later that night, my lack of "real" girl time was driving me mad and making me really grumpy, so much so that I had to retire to bed early and meditate (helped a little)

I woke at 5 and decided I really have to girl up if I'm going to stay sane.
Went to McDonalds which are open 24/7 for a quick morning coffee as girly as I could -
boob tube (without boobs or make up)  & mini-skirt.

Felt 100% better, went to work and had a great day there before coming back home and digging a 1 meter deep hole looking for my waste water pipe so I can connect the new bathroom -found heavy cement foundations for a post, found sticky wet clay, broke the spade and have blistered my hands.
Hopefully I'll find the pipe soon

All in all, a good day

Monday, October 30, 2017

Building Consent issued

For those that haven't read my earlier posts, I CAD up a new major renovation project for my house, submitted insulation resistances, light and ventilation calcs, weather tightness drawings plumbing & drainage drawings to name a few. I remember back in the 70's when my dad did great drawing for a shed, the finished lean to didn't look anything like the drawings - dreams are free, timber & bricks aren't.
Anyway, having consent has increased the excitement for my wife, who has had me view a dozen different show rooms this weekend looking at tiles, taps, showers and all the other nick nacks. Her new revised estimate only has us $2K short - lets hope I can save a bit on the build.

Did I mention that yet again, while I was in Australia, my house had another plumbing failure - always happens when I'm in Australia. This time it was underground and I had to open a few walls to bypass the leak. I'm planning to re-do the dry wall (gib board in NZ) as I need better water proofing during the renovations, so the new holes can wait a bit.

All this stress means I need to get out more - well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
Please excuse the top, it was free, so why not enjoy it

Did I mention my kids had a party, that finished at 3 am and left me picking up about 60 tins and bottles off the garden.
Can you tell I only had 3 hours sleep?
Luckily their empties only 1/2 filled my recycling bin as I remember a 21st that overflowed the bin.

Sunday, October 22, 2017


Purge is a hated word in cross dressing circles.
Basically we throw out all our female stuff (clothes, breast forms, wigs, shoes).
Normally when we feel guilty that there is something wrong with us (there isn't), or pressured by family, or how I feel currently, which is happier as a male.
I've been there once or twice before, but know that with stress or time or whatever the hell triggers these personality switches, I will be needing my girl stuff again (the golden rule is we are stuck with this condition forever, so never throw away your girl stuff).

I made a commitment to have a girls brunch, so this morning I put my girl stuff on and waited and waited. It was about 15 minutes latter, while having a morning coffee that I was relaxed enough and felt like I was correctly dressed.
Before the manly cowboy time on the farm a few weeks ago, I would have woken as a female or if not, I could have switched personalities in milliseconds.


I would like to thank my wife for the loan of her skirt as my legs are too hairy to wear my shorter skirts and she has requested that they stay hairy - as if.

After coffee I visited KMart and tried on a few outfits, fell in love with this top but since I had already this weekend spent $150 on plumbing pipes and fittings (this time to bypass an underground leak). I decided not to spend my money just yet.

Eventually it was time to meet up with my girlfriend Josie, for brunch.
The manager did ask why we were away for so long as we used to be regulars, but sometimes real life gets in the way of fun outings.